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Communism is Retarded

So I've been spending some time reading up on communism the past couple days after seeing a few Facebook posts showing that there are in fact people in the U.S. who support the rise of communism. My initial reaction was, "what the fuck is wrong with these kids?" However that was quickly replaced with the though, "these kids are fucking retarded, spoiled little babies." And I say this with the utmost respect. 

Growing up in the 80's and 90's, I got to see the tail end of the Cold War. We were taught about the U.S.S.R in school by our teachers. I remember learning about the wide-spread poverty, the inability of citizens to own things, and the absolute misery of the people living under this form of government. See, the basic premise of communism is that the state (or the public) owns everything as a whole and people are paid not by what they produce but by what they need. In other words, someone born with a disability will receive the same monthly benefits as a healthy person who is able to work. 

The idea is pretty simple. Everything in the country is owned by "the State", or in other words, the people. Seems pretty cool right? I mean, it theory it does seem kinda cool right? It's a system designed so that no citizen ever needs to worry because the State has your back. Even as a hard-core capitalist, I can see the allure. But I'm not a fucking idiot.

 People who believe that this system will lead to prosperity for all have clearly not done their homework. Their rallying cry of "true communism has never been tried" implies that communism in it's purest form would yield incredible benefits to society as a whole. If you are one of these dipshits, please do some research.

First of all, I encourage you to follow the idea of "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need" to it's logical conclusion. In a society where you are rewarded simply for existing, where would the drive come to better yourself? If no matter how hard you worked, your paycheck was the same as the druggy around the corner, how long would you continue to work hard? My guess is not very long. Even in our current system of representative democracy, our dollars are taken by force and given to whoever the government deems worthy. 

In an interview with Larry King, Neil DeGrasse Tyson points out that if we were to live forever, our drive to do anything would be minimal because as he states, "there's always tomorrow." I think the same holds true for a communist society. If no matter how hard you work you always get the same, where is the incentive to kick ass? I feel like you'd just be tempted to lay around like a fat piece of shit. 

The real problem with modern communism is that people haven't done their homework. Supporters believe that they can just vote their way to a socialist system but even Lenin knew that wasn't gonna work. His idea was to create a revolution under a strong leader (dictator), and then once they won, this strong leader would relinquish his authority to create a true socialist state. Yeah fucking right. We're fucking animals for crying out loud. It's in our genetic makeup to seek and maintain every bit of power we can, and as we all know, absolute power corrupts absolutely. There was no way anyone was gonna just hand the reins of the country over to the people. That's just bad politics. 

Perhaps the biggest difference that I see in previous communist attempts and this current movement in the U.S. is that in the countries where it really took hold, the people that were pushing for it were the Labor Parties. People who were producing and working while the ruling elite cashed in. In the United States however, the people preaching communism are lazy fucktards who want something for nothing. They want a piece of the rich people's pie without having to do anything at all. They want handouts, they want freebies, and they want an easy, plush life. Newsflash, morons! No one who's lived under communist rule as ever had a plush life. 

So the question I would like to pose to communism supporters is, how many deaths are acceptable to you to achieve your goal? A million? Two million? It's estimated that nearly 6-8 million died in the Russian Revolution, some estimates reaching up to 61 million by the end of the Stalin era. And that's just in Russia. It's interesting to me that people can support a system that necessarily requires the death of all opposition. Where, in all this murdering, is the community taken into account? In these countries that tried communism, it's pretty obvious that it was a ploy by a few smart individuals to gain total control of the stupid people for their own benefit. 

In examining communism, I've come to the conclusion that anyone who supports it is a bumbling idiot. First of all, if you want more, work more. Second, if your belief system requires the death of ANYONE, you are a piece of shit. But yeah, let's go back to that shit. I think you'll find that in America, there will never be enough support for it to actually happen, yet it's still incredibly scary to know that there are still these types of people roaming this planet. 


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