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Communism is Retarded

So I've been spending some time reading up on communism the past couple days after seeing a few Facebook posts showing that there are in fact people in the U.S. who support the rise of communism. My initial reaction was, "what the fuck is wrong with these kids?" However that was quickly replaced with the though, "these kids are fucking retarded, spoiled little babies." And I say this with the utmost respect. 
Growing up in the 80's and 90's, I got to see the tail end of the Cold War. We were taught about the U.S.S.R in school by our teachers. I remember learning about the wide-spread poverty, the inability of citizens to own things, and the absolute misery of the people living under this form of government. See, the basic premise of communism is that the state (or the public) owns everything as a whole and people are paid not by what they produce but by what they need. In other words, someone born with a disability will receive the same monthly benefits…