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Why Don't Millennials Have Manners?

I guess this is just what happens when you get old. You start seeing the generations after you as a bunch of sniveling, entitled assholes - a whole generation of kids who think the world owes them something. Now, I'm not saying that all kids growing up in today's world are mental, but there sure are a lot of them.

I think it's the mouths on these arrogant little fucks. When I was coming up, there was always the threat of getting your ass whooped if you ran your mouth. At the same time though, if you ran your mouth, you were expected to back it up. In today's world, kids can say whatever they want and be protected by the "anti-bullying" movement. My own son was EXPELLED from a school for punching a kid that kept calling my son's mom a lesbian. In what was my proudest moment as a father, my son said, "Have you ever been punched in the face for saying something someone didn't want to hear?" Now, I'm not at all suggesting violence is an answer, but I promise you that little boy watches what he says to people a little more closely.

But here's where things get ugly. As it turns out, the kid suffered from some kind of degenerative bone disease and his father was in hospice with terminal brain cancer. As sad as both of those two things are, he was shown by his parents, the school district, and the police that he can be as much of a little prick as he wanted to without any recourse because of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding him. I say FUCK THAT. It does not matter what your circumstances are! If you're a little asshole, you deserve to be punched in the face. Period.

This is the sort of behavior going around everywhere. I swear to god there are a billion more single parents in the world now and a lot less of them are because of dead beat dads. Instead, you get two parents trying to win the affection of the child through physical and emotional bribes. Our kids are growing up and thinking that if they whine hard enough to someone, they're gonna get what they want. It's absolutely retarded.

The feeling of entitlement that is prevalent in these kids stretches far past the physical. They don't just want THINGS, they want EVERYTHING. "I went to college, I deserve a job." "Oh, you two are having a conversation that I wasn't included in? Let me just interject!"

I do have faith though! There can't be a country where an entire generation does nothing. I think eventually, when the economy collapses again, these nerds are gonna learn what it means to EARN a living.

Check out Rants & Rage Episode 7 to hear more of my rants about millennials.


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